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Thank you for visiting my Web Page. I hope you enjoy the images. Click on the images for a closer, clearer look. Also all of the knives that I offer are completely made by hand and all vary in handle materials, blade materials and extras including filework and engraving, so please email or call for exact quote.

Last updated July 25, 2010


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Using state of the art materials, I offer most fixed blade designs, several folding knives to include lockbacks and slip joints in traditional designs.  Many of my knives are one of a kind, and will not be duplicated.  Each knife is constructed, by me, entirely in my shop.  Each is made from a variety of steels: carbon, stainless, and the Damascus I use is from several other makers that specialize in Damascus.  My blades are ground from raw bar stock using the stock removal method.  All fixed blade knives are furnished with a quality hand sewn leather sheath. 

Customer designs are welcome and all orders require a 20% deposit. If you have a design in mind perhaps you'd  consider having me make it to your specifications. To order, you can either call, E-mail, or U.S. mail me with the  model that you want. If it is not in inventory, a deposit will be taken and I will give you a tentative date of shipment.  As my workload continues to increase, I'm having to offer longer delivery times. You might prefer to see what I have in inventory for immediate delivery, rather than wait for an order to be filled.

The pictures you see are just a small portion of what kind of knives I make. I make several different styles and sizes of slip joint folders, lockbacks, skinning knives, collectables, and small gentlemen's folders.

What's so special about a custom handmade knife is that you can design it yourself if you want to.  You pick the shape of the handle you like, the blade design, filework, handle material, and other things to make your knife just the way you want it.  All knifemakers have their own personality and it manifests itself in their creations.  That's why each individual handmade knife is truly unique regardless of who builds it.  And if I can't build what you want I'll bet you I can find someone who will do you a great job.  There are a great number of knifemakers out there and all I've met so far are all lady's and gentlemen.  If you want a good knife get a handmade knife.  Thank you so much for your time.  Have a great day and my God bless you and yours.

We are located on Hwy 385, 35 miles north of the Midland / Odessa area and about 107 miles south of Lubbock. Anyone planning to be in the area is welcome to call, or come by we'd love to visit with you.


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